Undercover Reports Predator Locksmiths On The Rise!

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Rossen Reports Predator Locksmith

Horror Story #2 - Predator 24/7 Locksmiths Still Preying on the Vulnerable

Rossen Reports exposed fake predator locksmiths in an NBC news report where bad locksmiths drilled in to customers doors, installed new locks and then demanded hundreds of dollars in cash. A real professional locksmith can easily pick open the lock with out causing damage to the door.

When Rossen confronts a fake locksmith, "couldn't you have picked the lock instead of drilling in to it?"

The fake locksmith responded, "because it was an emergency... I can not pick that lock... I am not going to make a woman stand out in the rain while it takes 30-minutes to pick a lock..."

Rossen laughs, "a professional locksmith can pick it in less than 5-minutes." To which the fake locksmith retorts, "I still needed to drill the lock."

Tom Lynch of the Society of Professional Locksmiths ended the news segment with, "This is a nationwide problem and nobody is doing anything about it."

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Watch the important video below! Only you can end predator locksmith abuse:

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