Burglars will only break into a home if it looks easy to do!

JT’s Keys & Locks number one priority is to keep families safe in Maricopa. In fact, we are trusted so much by the city that the Maricopa police department and fire department trust JT’s Keys & Locks 24/7 emergency lockout service.

Many times, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in expensive security equipment in order to keep your home safe from burglars. We have some easy tips for you to utilize in order to keep burglars away from your home.

1 Have a Visual Sign Warning the Intruder (Example: Beware of Dog): Burglars are cowards and want an easy way to break into a home. If there is a warning sign saying you have a gun or that you have a dog they will back away from the home.
2 Ensure Your Lock and Door is Secure: This is very important to do. Now-a-days burglars can bump locks in order to gain entry to a home that is locked. Call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask JT’s Keys & Locks to do a home safety diagnosis to ensure you have secure locks.
3 Have Camera’s Outside the Home: Even if they are dummy cameras it will definitely stop someone from breaking into your home.
4 Make it Look Like Someone is Home: Play music, or keep the TV on. As long as it sounds like someone is home nobody is going to want to break in.
5 Have Something That Will Make Loud Noises If A Burglar Breaks In: You can purchase a cheap home security system at any walmart or home depot that is battery operated or uses your home wi-fi unit. If you do not have the money to purchase one of these cheap security units you can set up a booby trap at all windows and doors to make sure a loud noise will happen if they break in.
6 Just in Case… Have Something Handy in Your Home to Defend Yourself: Always make sure you can defend yourself against someone who has decided to break into your home to hurt you and your family.
7 Put Metal Poles or Wood Between Sliding Windows and Doors: Take a piece of metal or wood and put it between where you would slide your window. For instance, a backdoor that slides open put a blockade between the slider so that it stops anyone from entering your home.
8 Keep Your Landscape Maintained: Nothing jumps out like a dirty or unkept landscape around your home. Someone will automatically think the homeowner hasn’t been home to maintain the home.
9 Get Motion Sensor Lights or Timers For Indoor/Outdoor Lights: A motion sensor light outside your home is a great deterrent for anyone sneaking up to your home. A burglar lurking in the dark does not want to have light shed upon him.
10 Don’t Tell Social Media Your Away From Your Home: There have been so many people that say their home was broken into after they posted on their Facebook wall they were going on vacation. The reason being is stalkers and burglars are looking online to find out when someone will be away from their home!
11 Reinforce Your Door Locks with a Door Jammer: You can always have JT’s Keys & Locks come out to your home and put in a door jammers in case someone is trying to break in.
12 Ask USPS To Hold Your Mail and Stop Newspapers From Being Delivered: If you have a mailbox outside your home a burglar will find out if you have been away for a long time by checking your box to see how stuffed it is. Also, if you have a newspaper being delivered to your home ask that they stop delivering it until you get back.

Please beware of fraudulent locksmiths.

If you call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask for JT’s Keys & Locks and someone else arrives and they don’t have our logo on their shirt, business card or invoice… it is an imposter and you should call 9-11 immediately.