Arizona Seniors are being Targeted by Predator Locksmiths, AARP Warns the Nation of Scammers and Frauds

The holidays are here and it is important to protect the most vulnerable people in society. Seniors are being taken advantage of by predator locksmiths and call centers. With your help, we can end this unethical behavior and protect senior citizens from scammers and frauds.

Each day, up to 250,000 Americans make emergency calls to locksmiths… many of which are predator locksmiths Judging by the Yellow Pages or an online search, there’s plenty of help nearby. Many of these listings are fake names that go to the same call center and in reality, many of the addresses are fake.

We warned Arizona of predator locksmiths using cheap websites and fake listings to fuel their scam. In addition to fake addresses, they will use toll-free phone numbers.

The prevalence of fraudulent locksmiths is “a scam that is only growing,” says Jim Hancock of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), whose 6,000 members must pass background checks. We would like to say that JT’s Keys & Locks is a proud member of ALOA and recommend any professional that is ALOA certified.

“The overwhelming majority of locksmiths with an 800 phone number are not legitimate,” says Hancock. Typically, you’re connected to a call center. You may be quoted a price as low as $15 and then a scammer will arrive to your car or home.

“The fraudsters usually say they can’t open the door and need to drill or break off the lock and install a replacement,” says Hancock. The work is faulty and very expensive – often $1000 or more, and demanded in cash.


    • Save our number in your phone BEFORE you need a locksmith 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122
    • Avoid any firm that answers the phone with a generic phrase like “locksmith services” rather than a specific name
    • You can not trust locksmiths who arrive in unmarked cars or vans with no company name
    • Ask for an ID with name and address and ALOA membership card
    • Get a written estimate on a company letterhead, with mileage charges and any other fees before work begins
    • If you are told your lock must be drilled and replaced, find another locksmith.

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