Shortly after we warned Arizona residents of Amazon Key have security vulnerabilities, an Amazon driver was caught stealing a puppy from a man’s home.

How much security are homeowners willing to give up for convenience? Because of this incident Amazon customers are forcing to rethink giving Amazon access to in-home deliveries via Amazon Key.

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Amazon Driver Steals Puppy From Customer’s Home

51-year-old Richard Guttfield of Marsworth England reported that his black miniature schnauzer, Wilma, was missing from his home after a driver delivering Amazon parcels just dropped off a package.

The contract delivery driver for Amazon was dropping of a package of Wilma’s dog food. Instead of dropping off the package in the safe box up the road, the driver “opened two unlocked doors to the house” and left the package inside Guttfield’s porch.

Luckily, an Amazon worker opened Guttfield’s email and began investigating the matter. The dog was found and is not back with Guttfield.

Amazon Driver Steals Mans Puppy Forcing Customers to Rethink Amazon In-Home Delivery

“This is inexcusable and does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners – we take these matters seriously,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

Customers Forced to Rethink Amazon Drivers Having Access to In-Home Deliveries

Because of the incident above, Amazon is going to have to do a lot more to gain trust of its’ customers with its new Amazon Key Service – which involves customers buying equipment like smart locks and a camera to let the company deliver packages directly into a customer’s home, safe from both the elements and potential thieves.

Consumers are not yet comfortable enough. Many people on twitter are making jokes about how foolish it would be to trust a company with a key to your house. According to a Ooma a technology survey company, 87% of customers aren’t yet comfortable with in-home deliveries, like Amazon Key.

JT’s Keys & Locks wrote a thorough article on the vulnerabilities of Amazon Key and how you can protect your home and family with a trusted Locksmith who has your best interest at heart.

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