How much security are homeowners willing to give up for convenience?

In a new era where home security technology is being hacked and home burglaries are the rise – you will want to save our number in your phone 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122 – with 100% customer satisfaction and over 100-five star reviews… you will be glad you did.

Amazon Key is proving that a trusted locksmith is needed now more than ever. Just because new “smart” technology is able to do things that has never been imagined before, does not mean it is “smart”.

Amazon Key Shows New Tech is Now Smart Tech

A recent study has shown that the 16 different smart locks floating around the internet as “smart tech” is easily hacked! Any hacker no matter how amateur they are is able to get passwords being transmitted using a bluetooth sniffer.

When Amazon Key introduced their new $250 smart key system most people were skeptical – and they should be. The purpose of the product was to let Amazon delivery unlock your front door and place orders inside so that people can’t steal them. It had an accompanying camera that tracks the deliveryman ensuring security…. but it came with flaws that would allow burglaries into homes.

Researchers at Rhino Security Labs demonstrated that by using a simple program within WiFi range, the camera can be not only disabled, but frozen — presenting the image of a closed door while burglars happily pilfer your possessions.

Hackers have demonstrated that thieves can open the front door that was supposed to be “locked” simply by placing a box of electronics near within wi-fi range. This would leave the front door open and vulnerable.

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