BBB Warns American’s of a Huge Surge in Complaints of Predator Locksmith

JT’s Keys & Locks has heard many horror stories about predator locksmiths taking advantage of customers. BBB has issued a warning of predator locksmith complaints to inform consumers.

Many of the 247 locksmiths online are actually call centers in a different state. They are lead generation centers. After a receptionist answers the call and gets your location, they send the information to a locksmith who has agreed to give the call center a kick back for the lead.

The call center does not do a background check on the locksmith and could care less if they have certifications in ethical business.

We encourage Maricopa and Casa Grande residents to save our number in their phone 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 so that in an emergency they are not taken advantage by a predator locksmith.

Common Predator Locksmith Complaints To The Better Business Bureau

The BBB is asking consumers to be mindful of pricing gimmicks that trick the consumer into spending more than is necessary. JT’s Keys & Locks have been warning of fake locksmiths for years so that desperate residents and motorists are not taken advantage of.

Watch out for a few of these red flags when hiring a locksmith:

  • Dispatcher Is Vague: Make sure to get the name of the locksmith company. Do not settle for generic phrases. Make sure they have credentials and are certified by an ethical locksmith organization (like BBB or ALOA).
  • Business License: Ask if they have a business license and then look them up on your state’s licensing website and make sure they are legally operating in your local area.
  • No Open Ended Prices: If a locksmith says it will cost $15 and up be very careful. That is why JT’s Keys & Locks offers a flat fee. If they do not give you a fair price straight up it is because they are looking to jack up the price after destroying the lock on your home.
  • Doesn’t Look Professional: If it is a van that doesn’t have a logo or looks trashy you can rest assure their is something wrong. Don’t feel pressured to pay someone if you are not completely satisfied with what is going on in your situation.
  • Please beware of fraudulent locksmiths.

    If you call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask for JT’s Keys & Locks and someone else arrives and they don’t have our logo on their shirt, business card or invoice… it is an imposter and you should call 9-11 immediately.