Predator Locksmiths Targeting Seniors AARP Warns

Predator Locksmiths Targeting Seniors AARP Warns

AARP Warns Seniors Predator Locksmiths

Arizona Seniors are being Targeted by Predator Locksmiths, AARP Warns the Nation of Scammers and Frauds The holidays are here and it is important to protect the most vulnerable people in society. Seniors are being taken advantage of by predator locksmiths and call centers. With your help, we can end this unethical behavior and protect senior citizens from scammers and frauds. Each day, up to 250,000 Americans make emergency calls…

Cheap Websites and Internet Advertisements Fuel Predator Locksmith Scams

Internet Fuels Predator Locksmiths

Be very careful with who you call to let you back into your vehicle or home. The internet is riddled with false posts and ads of predator locksmiths. Even YellowPages can not be a reliable source as admitted in the article below. The only credible source you can rely on in Maricopa to be your family trusted locksmith is JT’s Keys & Locks and other locksmiths with credentials like the…

Locksmith Recommended by Maricopa’s Real Estate Ray

Maricopa's Realtor Real Estate Ray

"I FOUND MY LOCKSMITH FOR MARICOPA ARIZONA!!" Real Estate Ray of Maricopa is one of Maricopa's most respected Real Estate agents and he knows a good deal when he sees one! "I finally found a good, trustworthy, hard-working locksmith that I can do business with in Maricopa Arizona" Real Estate Ray goes on to say "Prior to calling JT’s Keys & Locks, I called numerous locksmiths and was quoted a…

Auto Lockouts in Arizona Are Deadly! Prevent 90-120 Today

Prevent Auto Lockouts in Arizona

Arizona summer heat is deadly especially during an auto lockout! Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals safety, demonstrates that during a tame summer day of 90-degrees sitting in the car with the windows rolled up can quickly reach 120-degrees! Think about that for a moment... Sometimes on accident a car lockout occurs when a pet or child is left in the car during a summer hot day; but when a driver decides…

8 Easy and Affordable Home Security Systems

Easy Home Security Tips Maricopa

Home Security does not have to be expensive with these easy tips! JT's Keys & Locks offers a free safety diagnosis to ensure that your locks are secure. For a free safety diagnosis please call: 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 Window and Door Shades: Nobody should be allowed to stare into your home unless you want them to! Burglars are always looking around for an easy target and if they can see…

12 Easy and Affordable Ways to Keep Burglars Away

12 Easy and Affordable Ways to Keep Burglars Away

Burglars will only break into a home if it looks easy to do! JT's Keys & Locks number one priority is to keep families safe in Maricopa. In fact, we are trusted so much by the city that the Maricopa police department and fire department trust JT's Keys & Locks 24/7 emergency lockout service. Many times, you don't have to invest thousands of dollars in expensive security equipment in order…

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