In a world of technology, privacy and a sense of security is held in the balance.

This couldn’t hold anymore true than for “invasion of privacy” victim interviewed this past Tuesday by Eric Cox of Channel 4 News, after an airborne drone device was caught on camera hovering just outside the resident’s Brentwood, Missouri window around 4 o’clock in the morning. Footage shows the drone’s camera lens was pointed directly toward the house and bedroom windows.

“I’m really glad I know this was happening, instead of being inside and not knowing somebody was looking in,” the woman told reporters.

The woman has since reported the issue to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has requested further action. The FAA currently has rules in place stating that recreational drones must be registered and are only allowed in the air during daylight hours, but this incident clearly demonstrates that some drone owners are not abiding by these strict guidelines.


Reports like the one above are not restricted to Missouri only. Crime is crime and continues to happen all across the world. The only difference between now and 20 years ago is that criminals and thieves are now using more advanced technology in their acts of burglary, theft and violence. Whose to say that drones won’t be used next in allowing burglars to scope out homes before making their move?

Maricopa County is no exception to lawlessness. Crime reports of last month alone show that there have been 43 incidents of crime within the Maricopa County area—38 of which involved “Theft of Property,” “Breaking & Entering” and “Theft of a Vehicle”. Almost all of the crimes were reported as happening during daylight hours.


Just because something might seem unlikely to be stolen, an ABC 15 News report published this past month will demonstrate that nothing is safe from a burglar’s sticky fingers. Halloween decorations, an ice-making machine and fruit are all items stolen last month in three separate theft cases in Maricopa County. All three objects were stolen from locations that were easily accessible or unlocked.


Below are just four simple ways you can help lower crime rates in Maricopa County

  • Lock-Up Your House and Car
  • Keep your Possessions Out of Sight
  • Be Careful Who You Tell About What You Own
  • Hire a Locksmith to Inspect the Security of Your Home and Car
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