Getting a Dog is Important

A Dog Will Protect the Home and the Family

JT’s Keys & Locks is a firm believer that a canine can be just as good, if not better, than an electronic home security system. However, a canine should not be relied upon because after all they are an animal and can be coerced away, or constrained, from protecting the home. Have you ever seen those hollywood heist movies where the professional criminal will use food to stop the dog from barking? Well, it is true… a dog can be manipulated in to trusting a stranger with these type of simple methods. Also, make sure to check with insurance companies because certain breeds of canines can be considered a liability. Also, you are putting a canine in harms way if they are used as a home security unit. A burglar can poison an animal, shoot an animal, or do something horrible to stop it from protecting the home.

Reasons to Purchase a Dog For Security

  • Burglar deterrent
  • Bite is worse than their bark
  • Put fear in the heart of the burglar
  • Protective of their territory
  • Reasons to NOT Purchase a Certain Canine

  • Insurance Liability (depends on the breed of dog)
  • Costly (depends on the breed of dog)
  • Can cause more hardship than benefit (example: if the dog gets out and attacks a burglar down the street away from he house the burglar could sue the family)
  • Recognizing Dangerous Situations

  • Someone who ask children to disobey their parents
  • Someone who pressures children to do something with out asking their parents for permission
  • Someone who asks a child to keep a secret
  • Someone who makes your child feel uncomfortable in any way
  • A stranger or adult asking a child for help and trying to go into a private area
  • What Should a Child Do If They Recognize a Bad Stranger?

  • NO – Tell the child to say no and run to the nearest safe haven
  • GO – Tell the child to always have a safe haven in sight or in close proximity
  • YELL – Tell the child to yell as they run away to the nearest safe haven
  • TELL – Encourage the child to tell their parents or safe stranger what happened that made them feel uncomfortable
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