The Problem With Locksmiths Who Use Call Centers!

After reading this story, you should save JT’s Keys & Locks phone number 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 so you are never victimized like this woman in the article below.

If you call a locksmith and it is a call center, or they call themselves a 24/7 locksmith center, or worst… do not have a flat fee charge… hang up the phone!

Locksmith Damages Property, Overcharges and Then Ignores Customer!

Lockouts are the worst, especially for a busy nursing student like Jordan Cornelson.

“I looked in the door, and I realized that I couldn’t get in and my keys were in the cupholder,” she explained.

Cornelson Googled Dallas locksmith services and came across Supreme Locksmith.

Its website said “Our expert team of emergency locksmith professionals are trained and experienced in using the latest technology and locksmith techniques.”

Cornelson said the locksmith arrived in about 15 minutes.

“He seemed really nice. He just came over, kind of gave me the spiel of everything he was going to do,” she said.

She said he told her the job would cost $100 up front, and if anything happened during the service, she was completely covered under their warranty. She agreed to move forward, and the locksmith got to work.

“He immediately is having trouble and he says it’s the hardest car he’s ever had to unlock,” she said.

Cornelson took a Snapchat video while he worked on her car. She said it took 30 minutes, but when he finally got it opened, she noticed her door “didn’t look right.”

She said the frame was bent and it wouldn’t close properly. Her window was also damaged, as it wouldn’t stay up.

“He said ‘your door is kind off of your frame. Don’t worry, we’ll completely cover this,’” she said.

Cornelson said the locksmith told her he’d give her $50 off and a manager would call to start the claim process, but that never happened.

Supreme Locksmith never called her back, and the locksmith blocked her number, she said.

NBC 5 tracked down the registered owner’s name, Matan Abehasira, and tried calling him, but we never heard back. So, we stopped by the Avenue Locksmith office in Dallas, but were asked to leave.

NBC 5 called Avenue Locksmith and Supreme Locksmith about Cornelson’s damaged door. A manager told us they’re not liable for any damage. They’re just a dispatch and the locksmiths are subcontractors.

Her receipt says 24/7 Mobile Locksmith, her credit card statement says Avenue Locksmith, but remember, the name on the website says Supreme Locksmith.

The BBB notified the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPS told NBC 5 Responds it has opened a formal investigation into the companies’ business practices. The Texas Attorney General’s office tells us it is also aware of complaints.

Locksmith Company Accused of Damaging Property, Overcharging Consumers
Locksmith Company Responds After NBC 5 Investigation

Please beware of fraudulent locksmiths.

If you call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask for JT’s Keys & Locks and someone else arrives and they don’t have our logo on their shirt, business card or invoice… it is an imposter and you should call 9-11 immediately.