What is the Best and Most Secure Plan to Protect Students?

After the Florida school shooting killed 17 students and staff members, the Maricopa Unified District Governing Board (MUSD) and Maricopa Police Department (MPD) are ready to take action.

A $300,000 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant has been submitted to the Department of Justice that will be used to make Maricopa schools safer. Different ways in which the board plans to use this grant money include the following:
1. live video feed inside schools that will be monitored 24/7
2. cell phones apps that can be used be students to alert police directly of any threats
3. installation of classroom door locks
4. added manpower to school safety measures. This would include surprise visits by MPD to lunchrooms and nearby neighborhoods around the schools.

Some MUSD board members have expressed some hesitancy of implementing a few of the ideas talked about during meetings, but have been assured that, if the MUSD is awarded the grant money, parents and staff will have a say within the Safety Committee whether certain measures will be implemented into school safety procedures or not. The Safety Committee is planned to convene within the next 90 days.

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Doors Locked from the Inside are Best for Maricopa Classroom Safety

Several kinds of locks can be used when securing a classroom during a life-threatening situation. However, the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) have listed a few very important recommendations to consider when choosing appropriate door hardware and locking mechanisms:
1. Hardware must be lockable from inside the classroom without opening the door to minimize exposure by inserting a key in the cylinder of the inside lever
2. Give emergency responders access from the outside of the classroom, either by using a key or some other credential
3. Egress without a key, tool, special knowledge or effort and only one operation to unlatch the door
4. Operable hardware should be mounted between 34 inches and 48 inches above the floor
5. No tight grasping or twisting of the wrist to operate
6. If a classroom door is fire rated, the door must be self-closing and self-latching and may not be modified in a way that invalidates the fire rating

Read full article here: https://www.campussafetymagazine.com/safety/securing-classroom-doors-nasfm/

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