Attention: There are locksmith call centers pretending to be JT’s Keys & Locks. Remember, if the locksmith does not have our logo on their shirt, invoice or van then they are not us. These call centers have numerous fake reviews online and are also saying they are located at our store front on 44301 W Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy, Unit 12. Please be aware of scams and save our number in your phone: 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122.

Rekey Locksmith Service

Get a 1-Year Warranty on ALL Rekeys! Call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Quick Response Time Rekey Locksmith Services
Save 50-80% on quick response time rekey services and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Sometimes people need new locks ASAP.

Whatever the reason is we are available 24/7 for such emergencies and understand that time is of the essence.

1-Year Warranty
Save 50-80% on quality rekeys with a 1-year warranty and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Our keys are of the highest quality metal. Not only can you rest assure you are getting a quality key but it also comes with a 1-year warranty so you do not have to worry about it breaking.

We also have custom keys that are made of an aluminum metal.

The custom keys come in various colors such as black, red, green and purple!

Rekeys For Old or New Locks
Save 50-80% on quality rekeys with a 1-year warranty and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Many times our locksmith can pick your old lock and let you back into your home upon verification the customer is the owner of the home.

Fraudulent locksmiths will pretend like they can not pick the lock in order to drill through the lock and force the customer to replace it with a new one.

If for some reason we can not pick the lock, or the lock is damaged, we will install new locks and give you the new keys which will also have a 1-year warranty.

We are the Best Affordable Rekey Locksmith Service, Guaranteed

For a 1-year warrany rekey for commercial, residential and mailbox rekeys, call: 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122 Getting a rekey is serious.

We’ve heard horror stories where a locksmith has sold keys to third partie’s… That is unethical and unnacceptable. There are too many call center’s acting like locksmiths who end up hurting the customer so they can make a profit.