Residential Locksmith Service

Locked out of your home? Call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Unlocking Home
Call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122 to get your home unlocked!

Upon verifying that the customer owns the house we will unlock the front door so that the homeowner can gain entry into the home.

99% of the time the lock can be picked!

Scam artist locksmiths will destroy the lock on purpose and install new locks so that they can create a higher invoice.

Please beware of predator locksmiths so that you do not have to go through the headache of having to install new locks into your home.

Change and Install New Locks
Save 50-80% off on installation of new locks and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

99% of the time the home can be unlocked!

Upon verification that the customer is the owner of the house we will install new locks if the resident approves of it.

This service is also available as a 24/7 emergency if the customer needs the locks changed ASAP.

Fixing or Maintaining Locks, Dead Bolts, Etc.
Don’t get defrauded by predator locksmiths. Call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122 and find out if your locks can be fixed.

We can sometimes fix broken locks on doors so that we don’t have to install new locks. This includes the maintenance of locks and installing of more secure locks that stop bump proof locks.

Master Key Services
Save 50-80% on master key locksmith service and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Sometimes a home, or commercial building, has different type of locks around the home.

For example, the screen door may be a different type of lock than the actual door to the home. If this is the case we can create a master key to all the locks in the home so that the home owner has access to the entire house with one key.

Bump Proof Locks and High Security Locks
Save 50-80% on installation of bump proof locks and high security locks and call 602-369-1553 or 520-303-0122

Burglars always try to find different ways to enter a home… that includes doing everything they can to break into a home using the generic locks you may buy at the store.

JT’s Keys & Locks can install better security locks called anti-bump locks and other type of high security locks so that you will feel secure in your home.

Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Strike Plate Locks
Save 50-80% on installation, repair and maintenance of strike plates and high security locks.

Strike Plate locks are sort of like dead bolt locks but even more secure.
This simple but unique form of protection can be installed on your front door so that it is harder for burglars and unwelcome quests to enter your home.

We are the Best Affordable Residential Locksmith Service, Guaranteed.

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We want to help out families whether you live in a house, condo, apartment or other living situation, JT’s Keys & Locks is here to help you with all of your lock and key issues.