A Secure Home is a Home That Will Resist Break-Ins

Secure Windows and Deter Professional Burglars

JT’s Keys & Locks is going to discuss with you how easy it is to secure your windows. It is important that you understand the mind of a professional criminal in order to stop them from victimizing your vehicle or home. It is extremely important to understand that professional burglars are selfish and SCARED of what they are doing. If a criminal runs in to any form of resistance (which makes the burglar think twice about what they are doing), they will back off. Homes that are broken in to are often not secure and secluded. However, if your home or vehicle is secure, you will be protecting you and your family.

Follow These Simple Steps to Secure Your Windows

  • Place a sturdy piece of wood between the sliders of windows
  • Apply “window security film” on your windows to delay a burglar from shattering the window
  • Block the view in to your home and install window shades or blinds
  • Add a stern warning sign on the window (example: alarm will go off, owner has a gun, beware of dog)
  • Make sure the HOA has “neighborhood watch” signs placed around your home
  • Never leave a ladder outside or near a window
  • Do not let anyone see that you are conducting home improvement projects
  • Install an alarm on your window (easy to install magnets that will blast out a loud sound if detached)
  • Just in case, always have something in your home to defend yourself
  • Watch the Important Video Below

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