Simple Steps to Keep Burglars Away

Getting Inside the Mood of a Professional Thief

“Evil walked through my house and they were violating everything we hold dear… I’m sure that whoever took our things were not thinking of us, they were thinking of themselves…” said John Ossim, a victim.

A criminal only thinks of one thing – and that is himself or herself. It is statistically proven that a professional burglar has committed over a 100 crimes before they are caught. Criminals will burglarize a home to make easy money to support a bad habit, or drug habit. Depending on the individual, a criminal will burglarize multiple homes a day and usually during daytime (because people are home at night). Professional burglars will break in to homes that are more upscale because they are not so packed together (like a middle class suburban). They will not burglarize a home that is visible from multiple angles and will listen for any noise, like a TV or dog. A burglar will not break in to a vehicle or home if there is any resistance – why? – because they do not want to take a chance on making noise. The less conspicuous, the better.

Follow These Simple Steps to keep Burglars Away

  • Frighten the thief with a strong visual warning – and make the threat real (like beware of dog – but make sure you have a dog)
  • Ensure all doors and points of entry are locked
  • Have a camera inside the home (you can even have a dummy camera if you’d like)
  • Always have noise in the home (keep the TV on or play the radio)
  • Have something in the home that will make a loud noise if someone breaks in (the dollar store sells security devices like this)
  • Always have something in your home to defend yourself with
  • Watch the Important Video Below

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