Technology can be used for good things, but it can also be used for bad.

New state of the art robotic key cutting technology allows a smartphone user to take a snapshot of a key which then can be duplicated in a matter of days! In other words, anyone can now re-key any key from a simple image taken from a smartphone.
This amazing cutting edge technology (no pun intended) can potentially give thieves and burglars access to your home. Police departments warned the public that criminals can take a stealth snapshot of your key(s), cut a new key from it using the photographs, and gain access to your home.

The company that is most popular as of now is KeyMe. They have kiosks people can go to to duplicate keys or they can send the keys to your home. They will even duplicate “Do Not Duplicate” keys! This technology has the potential to be taken advantage of in a very bad way.
With an influx in fraudulent locksmiths, technology that makes it easy for criminals to copy your home key, now more than ever you, your family and friends must be able to rely on a trustworthy locksmith who believes your security is their number one priority.

JT’s Keys & Locks has put together simple steps you, your family and friends can take in order to prevent bad guys from creating a duplicate key of your home or car with out you ever knowing.

  • Do Not Give Your Keys to Anyone You Do No Trust
  • Do Not Leave Your Keys In Plain Sight
  • Protect Your Keys Like a Drivers License, Social Security Card or Passport
  • Think Twice Before Letting Someone Borrow Your Keys
  • Don’t Post Pictures of your Keys Online!
  • JT’s Keys & Locks is your number one security source for protection.

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