Quick facts on smart home lock security issues and countermeasures

Hackers can get in to your home easier than picking a standard door lock

  • Security software is outdated as soon as you purchase smart door lock and walk out store
  • Understanding the potential problems will help make your home or business more secure

To Hack, or Not To Hack – That is the Question… And an even easier thing to do

Smart and connected house locks can be exploited, allowing hackers to pick and choose the device with ease, researchers claim. The August Smart Lock Pro is a popular home appliance that attaches to a latch on the door and is operated via a digital app. It retails for $99-299 and is becoming increasingly popular with modern homeowners.

Consultants at cybersecurity firm F-Secure found an exploitable design flaw in a brand of smart locks that could allow attackers to select the device. KeyWes Smart Lock’s firmware does not allow for updates, so the life of lock owners is at risk if hackers are able to open the locks before replacing them, according to the researchers.

Smart locks are sold as devices that make accessing and leaving more convenient, but security researchers have discovered vulnerabilities that make it easier for hackers and thieves to do the same. Vulnerabilities in IoT devices such as wearables, rosaries and smart locks are problems that pose a direct risk of allowing potential hackers access to people’s homes.

Think about hackers uploading instructions on how to hack the software of your favorite smart door lock brand (oh, they have done just that and you can find it in the highlighted links you see here). Then, someone who is bored or with ill-intention can simply look up the instructions and start hacking away. This literally gives hackers the ability to hack, or not to hack – it’s a very simple question – and an easier thing to do.

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Smart Lock Systems Overview

What Are Smart Locks?

In-Depth Research

Technology today has made a greater influence on many aspects of our life. The Home Automation System is a computerized and automated network of electronic devices fashioned to exhibit control over home appliances and to efficiently monitor them.

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Is Older, Smarter?

You can use a normal old key to open a door equipped with a smart lock, but most of them are not fast enough to discount the convenience and connectivity of your hand full of shopping bags and tiny people, making it difficult to search for your keys. Smart locks not only ensure that you never need to drop your hand to search for a key – they also have a lock that can unlock your door and that can be extended to digital keys for friends, family and caregivers visiting your home. You can also share the castle with others.

If you run a short-term rental business, choosing the right smart lock means that you can grant tenant temporary access while their stay without having to deal with the business and without having to exchange the property keys.

Smart home locks offer all the benefits of security and convenience, but you need to understand the potential problems when it comes to installing them. Although smart door locks eliminate the risk of picking locks, they are still vulnerable to hackers who try to bypass the access code and unlock the door. Smart door locks can be more expensive than traditional standard lock-and-key systems and you may need to hire a specialist to install them or connect them to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

For those who are aware of their internal security and are interested in a smart lock, the first step is to ensure that endangered entry points do not exist or are taboo. Consider having a door with a standard lock so you can enter your home in an emergency. If someone has access to the lock on your front door, you have a big problem.